Good News

Upliftment (iTZiT 2009)

A short movie shot by iTZiT. The movie brings us to Lavender Hill, one of the townships located on the Cape Flats. In this township the Hillwood Primary School has started a dance project together with the Chance4All Foundation and the New World Foundation. Featuring Mrs Claassen from Hillwood Primary School and Llewellyn Jordaan (New World Foundation).

Drug Abuse & Gangsterism on the Cape Flats

Lavender Hill Gangs (Cape Town TV 23 July 2012)

Lavender Hill Gang Wars (Cape Town TV News 2010)

Murderous Drug Gangs In Cape Town Big Drug Problem (Sky News 2012)

Tik Plagues Cape Town (E News 2010)

Summary: In the first half of 2009, 50 percent of all patients seeking treatment in South Africa’s Western Cape Province reported methamphetamine, or tik, as a primary or secondary substance of abuse. The drug only recently became popular, though - less than one percent reported abuse in 2002. This increase in treatment admissions for meth-related problems in Cape Town is the most rapid increase in admissions for a particular drug ever noted in South Africa.

Children of the Lost Generation (unknown author)

Manenberg: Fighting the Cycle (Christy Gimbell & Jenny Gross)

Summary: Outside the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa, lies Manenberg, a gang-ridden township feared by locals and notorious for its violence, drugs and abject poverty. The community was created during the apartheid regime, when the government threw so called “non-whites” (black people and “coloureds”) out of the city center and into barren, underdeveloped lands. Join us as we watch a reformed gangster reflect on her turbulent past and attempt to turn the township around.(Manenberg - like Lavender Hill - is part of the Cape Flats.)