Under it’s three main focus areas (Safe Learning Spaces, Education for Work and Conflict Resolution & Mediation), NWF implements the following programmes:

Educare Center

The Educare Center is a preschool center that offers children (aged 3 to 5) a safe environment where they can learn basic skills in order to prepare them for the primary school level. Our daily programme takes place from 8.00 to 15.00. Lunch is provided by the Educare Center. The children are divided into two language groups, depending on their parent’s choice: Afrikaans and English. The programme of the Educare Center is in line with the National Curriculum of the Department of Education. The children are taught and supervised by trained Educare teachers. In cooperation with partner organisations, New World Foundation is providing additional support to children in need, such as counseling.

Outings and excursions such as visits to the clinic, traffic police and fire department are part of the curriculum and are conducted on a regular basis. All the children are tested on school readiness. During the school holidays there is a holiday programme, from 9.00 till 13.00. It’s more informal, the children play and have a good time.

Evening meetings for parents are conducted on a regular basis and parents are encouraged to support their children and to take an active part in their child’s development. In addition, programmes for parents are offered.

Parenting training

In addition to the services the Educare Centre offers to the children, programmes for parents are offered such as parenting training (in cooperation with RAPCAN) and early childhood development training. The parenting training is aimed at giving direction and support to the parents of the children in Educare. The training relates to problems with their children, and in general to coach them into violent-free parenting skills. Additionally parents will gain other knowledge e.g. about the different development stages of children.

Early Childhood Development training is offered by NWF to interested women and men of the community. The successful participation will improve the chance of employment in the field of the Child Care Industry.

Aftercare programme at St. Marks

Aimed at children/youth in the ages between 9 to 15 years, to:

  • Create a safe environment where informal and formal learning takes place (homework support, dancing, drama, sport, games, life skills, computer training;
  • Offer children/youth lunch, outing and excursions;
  • Build a relationship with the parents/legal guardians and offer knowledge and skills, to enable them to better support their children.
  • In cooperation with RAPCAN, children and youth who need therapeutic support are identified.

Aftercare programme at Zerilda Park Primary School

The facility offers an aftercare service to 60 children between 5 and 12 years old whose parents are at work during the school day and hence do not have anyone to supervise them. The aftercare provides a structured and supportive environment for learners, a full programme of daily activities and a meal. The aftercare supervisors are parents from the community who take pride in what they do and are committed to providing an effective service. The team maintains regular contact with the parents, follow up on learners who are absent and do referrals if they believe that medical help or counseling is needed.

Girls and Boys Club

Aimed separately at boys and girls aged 11 to 15 years, to offer specific programmes (once a week) in a safe environment (maximum of 20 participants per group). This includes topics such as:

  • Gender roles and gender equity, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) matters;
  • Health and sexuality;
  • Various life skills training modules.

Afternoon/recreational programmes at schools and in public spaces

Aimed to teach life skills and social competencies to youth by utilizing their enthusiasm for arts, culture and sports. This includes topics such as:

  • Peer pressure;
  • Conflict management;
  • Team building;
  • Self-concept;
  • Self-motivation and goal setting;
  • HIV/Aids, sexuality and health care.

Holiday programme

Aimed to provide a sport, arts and culture holiday programme during school vacations for children and youth at Hilwood Primary in Lavender Hill.

Youth leadership programme

Aimed at providing life skills and a computer training programme for high school learners in the age of 16 to 18 years. The aim is to train the participants to become youth leaders that take on responsibilities in their communities as change agents and to improve the living conditions for children and youth.

Youth volunteer training programme

Aimed at providing life skills training and skills training in the area of children and youth development for youth and young adults in the age of 18 to 25 years. The programme is aimed at local volunteers involved at New World Foundation, who assist with children and youth programmes.

Support groups

Chronic Illness Support Group
The organisation Compassion in Action, in partnership with New World Foundation, started a Chronic Illness Support Group in 2011. The group grew from strength to strength especially in numbers and support from other stakeholders. The Retreat Health Centre refers chronic patients to the support group. The group meets on a weekly basis, promoting and maintaining better health conditions. Monthly screenings are done for hypertension, diabetes and obesity by waist measurements. Exercise is part of the routine to improve health. Participants receive guidance and information on healthy eating habits through presentations and pamphlets. We also have discussions on various health topics and hygiene.

Elderly Support Group
New World Foundation received a number of complaints and requests from the elderly in Lavender Hill which proved a need to set up an elderly support group and a programme was started in April 2013. The group meets once a week, sharing views and discussing everyday issues such as health, exercise, elderly abuse, their financial management all related to the elderly support needed. They do arts and crafts, sewing, games, knitting, fabric painting and beading for stimulation. The items that were made by the group were up for sale at the “Peace Market”, which is a flea market that was set up by the community and New World Foundation held on the first Saturday of every month in what is commonly referred to as the ‘Gang battlefield’, an open field in Blode Street. The participants who did paintings were awarded with a certificate by NWF. The group also focus on social events with other elderly support or senior citizens groups. When departing from a session, the participants feel relieved and uplifted, ready to go back and face the challenges of everyday life in their homes and in the Lavender Hill community and appreciate the good in their lives being more positive.


We train women to equip them with the necessary tools and skills so that they are able to make a contribution and to value themselves for what they bring. The courses are also aimed at improving access to formal education (e.g. completing matric and tertiary education).

Personal Self-Development workshop: the Hero Book
Through stimulating creativity and imagination, the facilitators will lead participants (which can be both women and men) through their own biographies, to rediscover themselves as heroes rather than victims. While writing and illustrating their own books, participants rewrite the story of their lives. Gaining a better understanding in this way facilitates the power to heal and take greater control of one’s life. If you are facing a situation in which you feel stuck or at a “crossroads” or if you are doing well but would like a boost by releasing an unidentified obstacle, you will certainly benefit from the course.

Health & HIV/Aids workshop
Together with the Department of Social Development and Medical Research Council, from time to time we host a two-day Health and HIV/Aids workshop. Both men and women are invited to attend with the age criteria being 18 years and over. Participants will each receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the workshop. Participants who perform outstandingly well and are interested will later be trained as Health& HIV/Aids facilitators.

Conflict resolution

We want to contribute to developing a culture of peaceful and constructive ways of addressing conflict through mediation. For this reason, we want to start recreating the court committees, consisting of concerned residents that are willing to act as a mediator/first aider/lay counsellor when the inhabitants of their court/block of flats are in need.

Training programmes

Basic computer & life skills training
This training aims to teach basic computer skills in Microsoft Word and life skills such as self-concept and interview skills to increase the chances of employment for the participants.

Advanced computer skills & life skills training
This training aims to teach advanced computer skills in Microsoft Word and life skills to increase the chances of employment for the participants.

Computer training for community organisations and groups
This training aims to provide basic computer skills in Microsoft Word for members of community based organisations and community initiatives.

Home Based Care training
In cooperation with the South African Red Cross Society, we give this training every month. This training aims to teach basic caring skills to people who wish to work in caring for sick people (including HIV/Aids infected people). The training focuses on the role of the care giver, basic wound care, rehabilitation, death and dying, etc. An additional aim is to increase the employment opportunities in the area of the health care industry for people of our community.

Positive Parenting Skills training
The training focuses on understanding children’s behaviour, feelings, self-esteem, assertiveness and engaging co-operation, effective discipline and problem solving.

Basic Adult Education training/Literacy training programme
This training aims to teach and improve the literacy and numeracy competence of adults.

Advice office

The Advice office is open to anyone from Lavender Hill, Vrygrond/Capricorn and the surrounding communities in need of legal advice on maintenance claims, civil matters, family law, labour law, social grants queries and all other family matters. Guidance, advice and sometimes counseling are offered. After an intake session, clients will be referred to the relevant institutions. Counselling by a professional psychologist is also an option for the more affected cases.

The Advice Office is open from:

Monday to Friday, 09.00 – 12.30
Monday to Friday from 14.30 for appointments only