Baseline study

In March-September 2013 NWF conducted a baseline study. The data collectors were court committee members, volunteers and NWF staff. The analysis was headed by Faseegah Ahmed (nee’ Samodien).

All 25 courts in Lavender Hill participated in the baseline study. Every court has 48 households thus making it a total of 1200 households that were visited. Out of the 1200 households 788 households responded and were reachable, thus 412 were unreachable and 2 refused to respond. This totals 66% of court/flat households covered and 34% of households not covered. The backyard dwellers were not included in this study. Check out some of the highlights, illustrating the socio-economic conditions in Lavender Hill, below:

Gender division

Division per age group

Employment status

Percentage of people receiving social grants

School going kids & youth vs school drop-outs