Staff members


Erica Jacobs (director)


Marius Bluemel (programme manager) started working for New World Foundation in September 2004. He is a trained educationist/educational psychologist and currently employed as the programme manager of NWF. In addition to that, he is responsible for the men work (Strategy 4). In his free time Marius tries to spend as much time as possible with his son Dylan, his daughter Luca Hannah, his wife Colleen and his family dog Molo. read more about Marius

Kimendhri Constant-Pillay (programme manager) joined the New World Foundation in April 2011 as the coordinator of the women’s programme and member of the management team. She continues to facilitate and coordinate women and gender programmes. Kim has an Arts background and achieved a BA in Music and an Honours Degree in Dance & Choreography. She was interested in the purpose of art in community work. Kim: “I had an ‘Aha’ moment when I realised it could be used for communities. Then I applied for a Masters programme in community development. And that’s when everything started to fit in, everything fell into place”. read more about Kim

Vanessa Meyer (administration manager) joined the New World Foundation in 1986, just after she matriculated. She facilitated the computer training and was also the Receptionist at the time. Later she facilitated the Office Administration course, which developed into the Workplace and Life skills course. She has been NWF’s administration manager for the past four years. Vanessa: “I joined the NWF because I always wanted to work with people. I sometimes feel it’s time for me to move on and change jobs, but then I realise I am actually still enthusiastic about NWF. This is the place where I want to be. Our tasks and responsibilities change every year, you have to be multi-skilled in this organisation, that is what keeps it exciting. I am married and I have two children, a daughter (23) and a son (16). I am a leader and a Sunday school teacher at the Methodist Church in Steenberg. In my free time I enjoy swimming and gardening.” read more about Vanessa

Programme staff

Zain Nazier (youth coordinator) joined New World Foundation in 1999. At that time, he was 19 years old. He started out as a volunteer, became a life skills facilitator and is now employed as the coordinator or the youth strategy. In addition to that, he champions the strategy “Ecological Living” within the organisation. Zain: “I enjoy working for the NWF because it is a family organisation. Everybody knows each other and we rely on one another. Everybody is working towards a similar goal, which is to make a difference in the community. The volunteers make life at NWF also very exciting. Especially the German volunteers, as they question about certain things. Their questions make us think and provide a two way street learning experience.” read more about Zain

Llewellyn Jordaan (Advice Office) joined the New World Foundation in 1985. He is currently a part-time staff member and responsible for the Advice Office. Llewellyn:“This work lives within my heart and soul. To me, it’s about the love and compassion for people. I have an inner drive to do this work, based on Christian principles. I try to do whatever I can to make a difference in the lives of the people from this community. But one person can never have all the answers or solutions. It’s very difficult to work with human beings, especially if they are trapped in their circumstances or if they have given up on life or sunk so deep that they can’t see a new tomorrow. This is especially the case when you deal with drug addiction. It’s hard when people have developed that dependency, when they don’t see that they have to help themselves really.” read more about Llewellyn

Ruby Conradie (Educare teacher) joined the Educare centre in 2008. Before that, she had been working in two other Educare centres. Ruby: “Whenever I passed by the NWF with public transport, I always thought I wanted to come work for this organisation, and now I am here. There is a motto that was used by one of the pre-school centres that I used to work for, it said ‘To teach children is to touch lives’. I really attach that to my life, that is really what I’m trying to do. In two years time, when the children have grown they still recognise you in the street and they still remember you.” read more about Ruby

Sharon Daniels (Educare teacher) started working at the Educare centre in 2000. She started as a volunteer, stayed on as an assistant teacher and later became a teacher. Sharon: “I like the challenge to work with the children. The area that they come from is difficult. But you can clearly see the difference when you compare the children at the beginning of the year to the way they behave at the end. You can see you have accomplished something for them.” When she is not working, Sharon enjoys reading. She is also involved in the church council and is a Sunday School teacher at Wynberg Dutch Reformed Church.

Frieda Ohlson (Educare assistant-teacher) joined the Educare centre in 2009. Frieda: “I like to work with children because they are cute. Even if they are naughty sometimes, they are still cute. The NWF is a good organisation because it helps a lot of people.” When Frieda is not at work at the Educare, she goes up to her husband who is a street vendor in Military Road and helps him. read more about Frieda

Support staff

Willie Newhoudt (founding member & support/resource person). Uncle Willie was the New World Foundation’s first official staff member. At present, Willie is involved in the New World Foundation as support/resource person. He is also responsible for the induction and general care of the volunteers that join New World Foundation through the church or SASTS. read more about Uncle Willie

Louisa Kallis (bookkeeper) joined the NWF as a bookkeeper in August 2008. She has always worked for non-governmental organisations. Louisa has two children (20 and 18 years old) that she is passionate about and which keep her busy when she is not working. In her free time, Louisa enjoys reading and building puzzles. She recently started attending ballroom dancing lessons. In addition to that, she loves cooking, baking and sewing. read more about Louisa

Dora (housekeeper/receptionist) started working as a housekeeper for NWF in February 1999. She also helps out at reception. She has a daughter (15) and son (21) and likes to spend her free time visiting family and friends. read more about Dora

Betty Mostert (cook) joined the NWF in 1998. She is the cook who prepares the meals for the Educare children and sometimes also for volunteers or in case of special events. Her favourite dish is a stew. When Betty is not working she enjoys relaxing at home and spending time with her children, grandchildren and friends.

Mrs Samuels (part time assistant Support Groups)

Uncle Wimpie Boonzaier (caretaker) assisted by Uncle Tommie