The organisation was founded in 1980 in Lavender Hill. At this time, the Apartheid system caused great hopelessness, injustice and violence. New World Foundation (NWF) was established with the vision of “Building a new world of hope, justice and peace.” The NWF services are divided into the following programmes:
  1. Educare
  2. Afterschool
  3. Community Mobilisation and Advocacy
  4. Safety of Women and Children
  5. Education for Work
Services are interconnected and mainstreamed through all preventative, curative, responsive and referral interventions.

Our Mission:

Through community and social development services, we effect sustainable solutions to poverty and social injustices to bring about thriving communities in the Lavender Hill/ Vrygrond and surrounding areas.

Our Strategic Objectives:

  1. Conducive Learning Environments: To provide individuals with learning opportunities within a safe and conducive environment that assist them to develop to their full potential.
  2. Community Mobilisation and Advocacy: To provide spaces for different role-players (individuals, groups, community structures and organisations) to work together to address socioeconomic problems and injustices in order to contribute to a better community.
  3. Education for Work: To provide youth and adults with training and support services that contributes to improved employability and income generation.
  4. Safety of Women and Children: To provide emergency shelter and safety for adult victims of violence (Gender Based Violence, Intimate Partner Violence and Domestic Abuse) and their children (0-18 years of age) and through advocacy networks address the prevalence of violence against women and children.


Director and Managers
Administration Team
Advice office Team
Afterschool Team
Educate Team
Support Team